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Logic SD

September 2nd, 2012

Price: $0.99

Category: Games

Released: Sep 02, 2012

Version: 1.0

Size: 24.0 MB

Seller: PopAppFactory Inc.

Rated 4+

Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Logic SD by PopAppFactory

Logic SD Screenshots


The game of Logic is a great educational and teaching aid for your young child. It makes the basic learning of colors and shapes easy, and it helps them find similar shapes (figures) and colors in a challenging yet fun format. As they grow and develop, your child can have fun with pictures, letters and numbers. Logic is a 5-in-1 game of inter-related activities allowing you to help your child expand their comprehension, judgment and decision-making.

A very unique feature of Logic allows you to choose the language which the game uses by selecting the narration language which is embedded in the game .When you make a match within any game, Logic will pronounce the color, the shape (or both) or the number in the language you choose. Your child can learn spelling and words in different languages English, Spanish, French, Russian and Ukrainian. The speaker is a native speaker of that language (not computer-generated), and the words are pronounced very clearly and are very understandable. Initially the game will load in the default iPad language and after that you can change the language settings in the game so that your child can learn what another language calls the color, shape, picture or number.

Logics features include:

5 main games, Colors, Numbers, Letters, Pictures and Figures.

Logic has 10 geometric forms to help your child learn shapes.

All of Logics games have a high level of re-playability. Every time you open a game the position of the tiles is different, and it will be different from the last time he played it. This will make your child will think about the game.

The game Colors lets your child match 10 colored tiles, and on a correct match displays the name of the color which they just matched, in the language you choose.

The game Letters will show 10 letters of the alphabet at a time for your child to match. Each game of Letters which you open up shows 10 new letters, randomly selected. Your child can match the letters at first on shapes, and then as they grow and play the game, on colors.

Figures lets your child match on colors, as always, but also on shapes, such as triangles, diamonds and stars.

The game Numbers will help your child's mathematical, logical and reading abilities.
-Given 10 numbered tiles, or squares, the goal is to match the numbered tile with another set of tiles, each having a number of dots which will correspond to the number in a tile in the first set.
-Your child will read the number in a tile, and pick the tile with the correct number of dots.
-The numbered squares are randomly ordered with each new game, and will make your child think about the numbers instead of memorizing the order (kids are smart like that!)
-Your child will learn counting, sets and collections, and numbers without even knowing they are doing that.
-When your child makes a correct match, they will see the national-language name for that number and its spelling, and as elsewhere in Logic you can switch languages right in the game to teach your child another language.

The game Pictures will test and expand your child's deductive capabilities. It is a game based on colors and shapes, but the colors and shapes are not readily matched. Instead, the child will look at a tile with a picture on it, and figure out the shape it contains or the color it has in it, and then they will find the matching tile. Your child will find this challenging, but not difficult as it expands their analytic abilities.

You can regulate the volume of the music or sound in the game, or turn it off.

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